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Don't think too much about this account, it's a backup account in case mamot is unavailable.

Eh bah, ça y va les erreurs 500 de partout aujourd'hui... entre l'instance mamots, l'appstore de nextcloud et des sites divers et variés comme kissmanga...

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c'est moi ou y'a masse d'erreurs 500 sur mamot depuis quelques jours?

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If you are the administrator from a "safe" instance, please block my instance and add me to your blocklist under whatever pretense you believe fit, I don't want to have to deal with your bullshit if someone on my instance do something you don't like.

Naouak, admin from

PS: Can you boost this toot so that it reach all people concerned. Thanks.

err500 quand je veux changer mon image de profil ou d'en-tête sur cette instance... :S

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