ProtonMail is hiring, and a lot. Front-end, Back-end, QA, Copy, AdminSys, etc.

I've joined @protonmail 2 years ago, and this was the best move I did in all my career: great colleagues/challenges/achievements... and more important: giving sense to our jobs for an ethical mission.

Any questions on any position, don't be shy: ping me, feel free to ask. It always starts with a simple conversation, and it ends with super nice opportunities and achievements.

@Natouille @bnjbvr @Nico3333fr @protonmail C’était surtout pour dire qu’iels utilisaient Rust, après oui ça a l’air d’être mentionné que dans une offre de stage

@melunaka @Natouille @bnjbvr @protonmail J'ai demandé en interne si y avait des postes avec du Rust de prévus :)

@Nico3333fr @protonmail Hi, I do have a question, I see a lot of opportunities around europe mainly, but is it because you have offices everywhere or is there a philosophy of "work from home" ?

@teebo @protonmail both :)
We have offices mostly in Europe but not only (also Taipei, etc.) and work from home is also possible.

@Nico3333fr @protonmail Thanks, I just sent my application for Technical Product Owner :)

@Nico3333fr @protonmail
J'aurais été formé à l'un de ces postes, j'aurais postulé avec grand plaisir. Pouvoir se sentir utile et travailler en conformité avec ses valeurs - on n'a pas cette chance tous les jours !
Bon courage pour ce recrutement, au(x) recruteur(s), aux recrutés et aux candidats !

@Nico3333fr @protonmail Okay, so "Ability to keep up in an extremely fast-paced environment" basically means people who struggle, have health issues and are marginalised in some way already cannot "jump across the line" and will stay out of your elite circles.


@yala @protonmail no, this means the jobs are really challenging (encryption is complex stuff to deal with, even for us)... and there is a lot to do.

Some Protoneers - including me - are parents, not 25-year-old anymore, some of us have disabilities, and there is no problem with this.

When I started, this was difficult and this is normal (I had a lot to learn), but people are there to explain/help/support as much as possible.

@yala @protonmail
Fast-paced environment means here that people are really open-minded to new ideas, and you can often learn/work of tons of new things.

For example, I'm evangelizing for accessibility, and people really do care and try to improve... so yes, this is a fast-paced environment for example for people that didn't know this field ^^

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