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Time to do my . :)

I'm a French guy with a NYC childhood, my first love was literature, I write since I'm 16 (sometime on walls at that time), published my first book at 18, then I've done some photography.

I passed a MSc in mechanical design in France, and than passed a 2nd MSc in Software Techniques in UK, cuz "why not?".

I flew then in Montreal, where I was hired to design tools based on a 3D-search algorithm ("Google for 3D parts"), where I can express my creativity.

"Vous allez donc devoir re-définir un mot de passe personnalisé.

Je vous conseille cette fois de choisir un mot de passe de 8 caractères, mais *vraiment* personnalisé : par exemple, un prénom et une date".

I've refreshed my old portfolio (coded 8-9 years ago): migrated to PHP 7, removed Twitter/FB/G+/Flickr links and replaced them by and links. I'm also displaying my last mastodon toots instead of birdsite tweets. And removed Google Analytics.

It feels really good. 😀

fascinating look at the transition between myspace and facebook in american high schools, and the stereotypes that developed at the time

In March 2019, we looked at the /e/ Android ROM, provided by the /e/ Foundation. Today, we checked it again:

– it still isn't completely "ungoogled" as promised
– some traffic of preinstalled apps is still unencrypted
– the security of their website slightly improved, and they removed the Google font

#efoundation #android #googlefree #privacy #magicearth #microg #k9mail #fdroid

I see why a lot of artists are moving to Masto now

thank butts my music is at least slightly discoverable outside of me just talking about it on social media o_o

So, yesterday I became a new citizen of ! 🇨🇦
After living so much time around the Atlantic (🇫🇷 🇺🇸 🇬🇧 🇨🇦), this feels like an achievement and seals officially my two sides: being a European and a North American. 🙂

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