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Nicolas Constant

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Time to do my . :)

I'm a French guy with a NYC childhood, my first love was literature, I write since I'm 16 (sometime on walls at that time), published my first book at 18, then I've done some photography.

I passed a MSc in mechanical design in France, and than passed a 2nd MSc in Software Techniques in UK, cuz "why not?".

I flew then in Montreal, where I was hired to design tools based on a 3D-search algorithm ("Google for 3D parts"), where I can express my creativity.

Hey, everyone! I'm still available for sketchy and colourful icon portrait commissions!

- $50 CAD each (~$39 USD) (Payment accepted through Square)
- 2500 x 2500 px. high res JPG file to make your own resizes
- Procreate time-lapse video of your avatar being created

If you're interested, please get in touch! Email would be best: rheall [at] gmail [dot] com

Thank you! (Boosts hella appreciated!)

“Torvalds’s decision to step aside came after The New Yorker asked him a series of questions about his conduct for a story on complaints about his abusive behavior.”

I now have the infinite scrolling working. 🙂

And I didn't used a virtual scrolling strategy: I'm just using a buffer. It will have it's own limitations but I feel the result might be more usable (or not, we'll see 😶 ).

See bellow the behavior comparison with MastodonUI.
#mastodev #dev

I sometime wonder when gaming did fall and went crazy. I mean. 100GB for a single video-game... 🤪

I refined a bit the UI, and now it's showing the loaded timelines!
Toots will come later. 😶

#PeerTube needs designers: a few points of the interface which need UI (re)work long term will be documented and relayed here over the course of the next few days.

1/n: related videos showing along the current video do not use the screen space well |

Boosts and inspirations (preferably in the issue tracker) are warmly welcome! :blobcheerbounce:

You can always check other UI-related issues (both design and integration):

#design #ui

Well, I now have the oauth workflow working. 😬
You must start somewhere, right?

#Lessy now speaks la France! 🎉
Vous pouvez aussi modifier les informations de votre profil et supprimer votre compte depuis
Il reste quelques soucis au niveau des traductions mais je les corrigerai un peu plus tard.

@NicolasConstant It's not real lobster it's made with the old people !

Cleaning a flask with a tissue and compressed air


Bonjour à tou·te·s \o/

Si vous pensez qu'il faut plus de designers qui contribuent au monde du libre, vous êtes au bon endroit :)

Si tu es designer et que tu as envie de contribuer, n'hésites pas à faire signe 👋

Si tu es non-designer mais que tu as envie de comprendre ce qu'est le design, comment accueillir des contributions de designer ou que tu as des questions, n'hésites pas !

Pour l'instant, c'est @maiwann qui m'anime, mais ça peut changer :)

Bienvenue par ici ❤️ 🌉

Let's call it a night! I opened a brand new blog for #Funkwhale using #Plume, the federated blog engine maintained by @Bat

This space will be used to publish important announcements about the project, and you can follow @funkwhale to get updates directly in the fediverse.

The first post is quite a big announcement. TL;DR: I'm leaving my job in novemebr to work full-time on Funkwhale !