@Relf @fredenbois @farlistener Ah pardon, tu as encore le tag "Admin" donc je pensais que tu aurai pus faire remonter l'info. 🙂
Mais ça va plus loin que juste la V3 en fait : la fédération de nos messages ne fonctionne plus, la recherche distante non plus, etc. (je m'en suis rendu compte en travaillant sur @sengi_app )

@fredenbois @farlistener la fédération aussi est cassée, nos toots ne sont plus transmis aux autres serveurs. ☹️

@aliocha 🎉
c'est ton premier linux de mémoire 🙂
tes premières impressions ?

@liaizon I was working on it some days ago, but as PixelFed wasn't supporting the (Mastodon) Search API yet, the functionalities available on Sengi was pretty limited (I rely a lot on it for cross-instance actions).

I'm waiting to get the full set of API ready in order to validate the remaining functionalities, hoping it will come soon! 🙂

@alex j'ai aussi une petite pensée pour eux quand il fait -20/-25°C ici. 😁

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@manu aucune d'entre elles : la meilleure c'est le DAI car sa stabilité n'est pas liée à une promesse d'un acteur unique et centralisé (promesse de solvabilité).
Le DAI repose sur du game theory et des principes économiques, et est gérée par un Smartcontract (donc décentralisé et sans autorité centrale).

Plus d'info: medium.com/@james_3093/the-dai

@Tris mais si on rétribuai à la dignité le curé gagnerai plus que l'éboueur ou l'ingénieur. 🤨

@gudenau @fribbledom overall the performance isn't bad, "max/ultra" settings on PC aren't worth it most of the time, it's often a lot of performance waste for very minor (sometimes invisible) changes.
It's like Ray-tracing : sure it's nice on BF5 and other games, but the performance cost is way too high ; that doesn't mean BF5 hasn't decent performance.

@gudenau @fribbledom max settings aren't always reachable on release on PC (cf Crysis, AC Unity, etc).

On my side, on medium/high I have 60-80FPS on 3440x1440 ; can't complain.

@saper @pinafore @polychrome @liaizon in fact you don't really have to go this deep. 🙂 just look to the network tab in your browser's dev tools, webapps should only chat with your instance and nothing more. Unfortunately it's not that simple with native and mobiles apps. ☹️

@saper @pinafore @polychrome @liaizon
Of course, but since all those clients are FLOSS, if they where doing something shady it would be known very quickly (and it's event better with webapps because you don't even have to look to the source code to verify if it does something funky behind your back).

@pinafore @saper @polychrome @liaizon

Most (all?) clients are doing this the good way: Oauth workflow and storing the token locally. 🙂

( also renew the tokens properly when available (on pleroma and pixelfed)).

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