@tilvids Hey, I don't understand the point of your peertube instance if you don't let other instance follow you ?

@Tr4sK We have a different federation strategy, as we want to focus on edutainment, are honoring requests from YouTubers that don't want their content showing up elsewhere, and want to leverage the power of federation to help smaller creators grow in a way that allows them to tap into the edutainment ring we're building. I posted more about that in a blog post last year.

@tilvids Can you define « want to leverage the power of federation to help smaller creators grow » when you don't let in member of that federation ?
What about setting visibility for those content creators as « Internal » ?

And I'm curious about the benefit for your content creators to publish videos on a federation network with a YouTube mindset. How are you describing PeerTube to your content creators ?

@Tr4sK "PeerTube" (the ecosystem) has a content problem. So many instances are completely inundated with conspiracy garbage, NSFW content, and straight-up pirated content. By dogmatically adhering to the federated tools in PeerTube, it means that videos posted at TILvids will show up on other instances with this content that is, frankly, damaging to the reputation and potential of the PeerTube software.

Most YouTubers don't care about PeerTube. They don't care about federation. They care about their content, getting it watched, and ensuring that it doesn't become associated with other content that will hurt their own reputation. This sentiment was conveyed to me very early on. This is why I decided on taking a different approach to the long-term goals for TILvids.

For instances that have different goals, I completely respect that position, it's just not the one I hold. It's healthy for different competing ideas and approaches to live alongside each other in the open-source community.

@tilvids Thank you for taking time.

« "PeerTube" (the ecosystem) has a content problem. […] pirated content. »

How is it different from YouTube ? (minus NSFW)

I'm not asking to dogmatically let other instance follow you? Because I'm also aware of the garbage that are on PeerTube, that's also why i'm spending some time checking what other instance are sharing before adding them or moderating things out.

@Tr4sK Well, YouTube mostly has the pirated content issue "solved" (in a way that sadly will often restrict legally fair-use cases as well), as well as NSFW. Conspiracy garbage is one they most certainly do NOT have solved (and actually actively contribute to) and unless a community is actively curated, I don't believe there is truly a way to resolve that problem. That's why we tightly focus on "edutainment" and it becomes very easy to gate some of that content out.

What about letting other instance follow you if they respect guidelines like shared moderation list. As things we can see on email system (dnslb).

@Tr4sK Simply trying to recruit new creators to the platform is already a ton of work, not to mention everything else I already do to run the community. I don't really have the time or inclination to do additional work. If you check out that blog post, one of my goals is to encourage smaller contributors as they grow in the TILvids community to then start their OWN instances (and hopefully support them in that process) which we would then federate with to create a much larger edutainment-oriented ecosystem.

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