@wisper Merci pour le lien.
Je pense qu'il y a vraiment des angles d'attaques à avoir concernant l'OTAN et ses membres.
Exemple avec la Turquie qui profite de la situation pour avancer son agenda anti PKK/YPG, attaque des régions du nord de la Syrie et si ca pète, ca va sortir la carte de l'OTAN.


Y'a pas que l'impérialisme US à gérer.

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Zelensky rebukes Elon Musk’s peace proposal.
Speaking at the DealBook summit, the Ukrainian leader said the billionaire would do well to fully understand the situation before making pronouncements about it.

Basically: "shut up, you don't even know what you're talking about!"

#Ukraine #Musk

Ils me saoulent LFI à ne pas comprendre qu'ils peuvent condamner la Russie et continuer à reprocher ce qu'ils ont à reprocher aux États Unis.
Vraiment, si passe par là, faite un point sur le discours russe actuel. Il sont complètement en train de partir fachos et vous continuez à chercher des excuses au « pauvre » Poutine, qui, pendant que vous n'arrivez pas à adapter votre grille de lecture, fous le bordel dans tout son voisinage proche.


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@himay exactly.

I find it really annoying when people assess the situation looking at it only through Putin's eyes.

It's like looking at an abusive relationship only through the eyes of the abuser. "Oh, he had to react, her new partner started pulling her away from him."

Ask the abuse survivor about their wants and preferences, for once? Ask why they prefer the new partner?

And if you have a problem with the word "abuse" here, perhaps learn a bit about Ukrainian history.


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Hashtags here are exceptional. Check it out these:

Monday - #Mondog #FotoMontag

Tuesday - #ThickTrunkTuesday #TombTuesday

Wednesday - #WaterfallWednesday

Thursday - #ThrowbackThursday

Friday - #FollowFriday #FensterFreitag #JukeboxFridayNight

Saturday - #Caturday

Sunday - #SilentSunday

Nature - #Mosstodon #LichenSubscribe #Mushtodon #Nature

Art - #MastoArt #Photography

For Twitter refugees - #FediTips #TwitterMigration #Introduction

What interesting hashtags you follow?

Perfect exactly the kind of content I was looking for :)
Good website, easy to read, good job!

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hi i'm an anarchist and the ghost in the @edistro machine. also a tech person in the midwestern so-called united states. I speak and post in English and German.

I'm involved in a lot of projects including local mutual aid projects. I try and do a lot to support anarchists and antifascists around the world, especially #ukraine, #belarus, and #russia (see: edist.ro/soli)

formerly on todon, now here as we get a new instance going!

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Certains aimeraient faire croire que les #SanctionsÉconomiques contre la #Russie “ne marchent pas”

Les données racontent une toute autre histoire

Pire : alors qu’elles ont déjà d’importants effets, le pire est sans doute à venir pour la Russie et le régime de Poutine


Tweet : twitter.com/AgatheDemarais/sta

Article dans Foreign Policy : foreignpolicy.com/2022/12/01/u

C'est bon, Hanouna est trigger. C'est sont point de non retour.

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Notons enfin que cette agitation autour de Tumblr s'inscrit aussi dans un contexte de retour aux années 2000-2010 avec une esthétique mélancolique / emo grunge carrément appréciée chez les jeunes générations. Prochaine étape, la migration Skyblog ? 👀

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Is there a limit for a tenant to raise the rent in ?
My partner wonders how it is possible that her tenants raised her rent by 30% in May and now asking for another 40% raise.

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Fundraising to buy a vehicle for the International legion air reconnaissance group.

After the full-scale war started, many foreigners joined the Ukrainian resistance. Recently, we've met a group of anti-authoritarians who joined the International legion after February, 24 and now do air reconnaissance. This is what they tell about themselves:

“We came here because it was the right thing to do and we stay because this country, its people, and the cause has seeped into the very fabric of our identities. Our mission is to enable the Ukrainians by providing intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance. We do this through a number of ways; we have direction finding equipment to triangulate enemy radio transmission sources and jamming platforms; custom-built long-range reconnaissance drones that are very jam resistant, and we have a team of developers from the US, Poland and Britain continuing to help us build a better product to deliver to the Ukrainian military members at the front. We have other projects as well that we are continuing to develop and flesh out in order to destroy Russian equipment, sow uncertainty and doubt within their intelligence structure, and provide psychological warfare assets to the Ukrainian military.”

The guys participated in the Kharkiv counter-offensive, then moved to Mykolaiv to help liberate Kherson. Now, they're going to the Bakhmut area which is among the hottest parts of the front at the moment.

The group needs an SUV for mobility and effective work - Nissan Navara or Mitsubishi L200. So, we're launching a new fundraiser. Approximately €8 000 is needed.

Ways to donate:


Swift euro: Beneficiary Bank: acc. 400886465400
JSC «ALFA-BANK» Kyiv, Ukraine
IBAN: UA 05 300346 00000 2620 5909 0631 81
Name: Beziazychna Kseniia

#ukraine #fckputin #161crew #antifa

N'hésite pas à fouiller les tags pour trouver des gens de ton coin

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@Pogus I tag #vegan (friendly) restaurants on #OpenStreetMap.

You can easily find them on #openvegemap. I like if information is free.


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Est-ce que vous saviez qu'on pouvait afficher directement dans l'éditeur #iD d'OpenStreetMap les numéros de rue de la #BANO (Base Adresses Nationale Ouverte) fournie par @osm_fr@fr.osm.social pour les #adresses en #France ?
Utile quand les numéros d'une rue ne sont pas encore renseignés dans #OSM.

La légende du calque, pour savoir à quoi correspondent les couleurs : wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/FR

#OpenStreetMap #numéros_de_rue

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