About last year for . A bit nostalgic. But can't wait to see all the crap introduce this year like this Alexa powered showerhead 😁

My of course. Can't not doing this. Well, without any shock, a lot of selfies here, especially the beach selfie style ... You know 😏 But I'm pretty glad the #1 was this picture taken from Line pop-up store in NYC with my husbear. ❤️👌

38,6 km/h. Et après on fait chier les trottinettes et gyroroues ... LOL
RT @sokane1
The new Segway is an egg-shaped self-balancing wheelchair with a [checks notes] top speed of 24 miles per hour?? theverge.com/2020/1/3/21047217

Our with @dj_josesanchez@instagram.com before he heads up to the club to change the scheme, alter the mood, electrify the boys and girls

Happy new year to all of you! 🥳
May this year brings you joy, wealth and health.

Raspberry pi on 🔥
This little guy is a @pi@instagram.com@instagram.com.hole . It block all the ads on my entire Network so even on my iPad or iPhone, I don't have anymore any ads, including inside the apps.
Want to know more ? Check out @pi@instagram.com@instagram.com.hole or just ask 😉

My @omnicharge@instagram.com customized with @hellgy@instagram.com sticker ( and a little Line character )

Hop, la voiture enregistrée pour circuler dans @VilleBruxelles@twitter.activitypub.actor

Joyeux Noël à tous 🎄 Merry Christmas to all of you 🎅 Feliz Navidad a todos 💝 Schéi Chrëschtdeeg all

Filling my OCDs with this magnificent box of alcohol pens perfectly ordered by colors 😌

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