to you , you brought this to yourself and until maybe half an hour ago I had no intention of removing my account.

All I wanted was to retweet YLE News with a comment on Finland being an island and there not being any way to get to e.g. without airplane. I mentioned and and ended up looking at their profiles and following them.

Boom! Account locked, complete neverending that requires to pass so I could finally delete it.

The retweet, I guess it's now a toot and I can link directly to YLE News and add more hashtags:

But how do you get out of without ? It seems that there is no way to get to without or you will be changing vechiles a lot, staying at hotels for nights and getting a lot more expensive bill than a plane. tunnel or isn't here

Hi me ~year ago and whoever is reading this thread, you may be happy to know that nowadays there is a website giving hints on how to travel without flying from Finland and back. For example here is the page for Czech Republic:

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