My very accent for hit me again and I imagine it's going to keep doing that as I don't know how to learn a better accent and speak understandably.

wasn't very big priority at school and most of my English comes from and fantasy books and neither cared about how I speak, it's when I go abroad or have to when the problems come.

How have you learned to actually speak English assuming you aren't native? And how did you find the time for it?


There is also my partner telling everyone that he has reverse engineered my accent when we first talked on Mumble. It's English, but put to pronunciation rules of Czech plus a bit of differences coming from Finnish and then he has no problems understanding it.

It feels embarassing to hear even when they say it nicely and it just feels weird when my metamour needs them to do English-English translation and the problem is much wider, even with audio issue another FI speaker didn't get the accent.

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