@farlistener Hi, do you have any schedule for updating Mastodon? I am curious on some new features of 3.x.

Hi me ~year ago and whoever is reading this thread, you may be happy to know that nowadays there is a website giving hints on how to travel without flying from Finland and back. For example here is the page for Czech Republic: maatapitkin.net/tsekki.php

Thank you F-Droid 💜 

UK radio amateurs: how does licensing for portable repeaters work? Is it the same as for fixed repeaters?

I'm curious because some foundation license holders I know want to make a low power portable repeater using back to back HTs and I think they almost certainly aren't allowed but I can't find anything obvious in the license terms about it.

#hamradio #amateurradio

I guess my tooting is somewhat focusing to Pleroma at social.libre.fi/mikaela so it may be better to follow especially on things unrelated to politics (which I don't think I am tooting so much about anyway).

@3mr I don't know about living, but I guess I would be open for it if I was offered employment there instead of here.

@3mr I guess I have the opposite issue, I am not near people who don't understand my accent for more than maybe two weeks at most so they don't have time to get used to me and forget it in the middle :D

And I don't know how to teach rest of the world to understand Finnish accent quickly, it's very likely faster for me to learn proper pronunciation, except that I am supposedly being busy with learning Czech which is probably more useful than English there.

@3mr Do you also understand it? How long did beginning to understand it take?

I claimed in a thread today, that projects using GitHub as a mirror, but refusing to process pull requests were being unnecessarily hostile to newcomers. This could be automated.

I decided to check my claim. Hilarity.

Turns out if you append the six characters ".patch" to the URL of the pull request, GitHub serves up a plain-text patch formatted as an mbox format file.

The man-page for `git send-email` specifies that as it's first preferred input format...

So, yeah: mastodon.xyz/@HerraBRE/1015229

I should type these "stories" to the fine blog or at least Hubzilla which didn't have the charcount restriction last time I checked.

There is also my partner telling everyone that he has reverse engineered my accent when we first talked on Mumble. It's English, but put to pronunciation rules of Czech plus a bit of differences coming from Finnish and then he has no problems understanding it.

It feels embarassing to hear even when they say it nicely and it just feels weird when my metamour needs them to do English-English translation and the problem is much wider, even with audio issue another FI speaker didn't get the accent.

My very accent for hit me again and I imagine it's going to keep doing that as I don't know how to learn a better accent and speak understandably.

wasn't very big priority at school and most of my English comes from and fantasy books and neither cared about how I speak, it's when I go abroad or have to when the problems come.

How have you learned to actually speak English assuming you aren't native? And how did you find the time for it?

So I finally took the time to read more about that hadn't appeared in my bubble enough for me to actually do something and I guess I have started the work by linking mikaela.info and this account together to get that nice green background and checkmark for it.

I hope I understood enough in quick note to my website's GitHub issue tracker.

Hopefully I will do more tomorrow, but I have a bit too much to do with too little spoons.

I wonder why I don't get VoWiFi on MiFi today while it worked yesterday, but maybe it will reappear.

I find Mastalab UI preferable to AndStatus and now I have no problem using it again as I don't need to have a separate Twitter account.

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