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I should probably follow more active posters here as it looks like nothing has happened in days while Mastodon is either too complicated or too active with everyone being too unfamiliar.

I cannot trust my family to install upgrades so always when I am visiting and boot the oldest machine, I am blocked from doing anything related to apt/dpkg, because the unattended-upgrades are locking it. -.-

I wonder if I should say that I have left a long time ago, but in good spirit. It just felt the time to leave it into past.

The toot was originally done for finding it with search engines and I thought that it Mastodon might help.

It looks like Mastodon is still alive and has a lot of art.





There is at where I have been asked to stay as bouncer (=moderator) even after I recovered in case the knowledge helps anyone anywhere.

*This is an server for people with Avoidant Personality Disorder (diagnosis not required) We are a supportive community and strive for improvement*

Bonŝancon maraj ŝtelistoj de la !

(TODO: find out what is the proper name of in , I think it might not be "sea(adjective) thieves of the country".)

Today I feel annoyed with the rooms that don't ever have talking in them and that appear to exist only for containing aliases, because the only discussions that I have had them is just pointing people to bridged rooms which do have some content and are also older than Matrix.
Another type of rooms that I feel annoyed with is unofficial rooms without clear indication of unofficiality especially when official IRC channel is available with the bridge.
I left multiple of them now.

While drinking and reading a book you suddenly remember that you have more entrance examination exams coming and decide that after tea you will put the material on your ebook reader only to have ArchLinux Women start a meeting distracting you ♥

I hope people understand -favorites as unlike at there aren't so many reactions and at Facebook before the reactions, sympathy likes were understood in comments at least in certain groups. Sometimes it even read in the group rules.

I have too many languages in my head, I know what is a coconut and can picture it in my mind, but I cannot think of whatever it is in Finnish.

There is no , but saying "I think/feel/etc." is good, non-violent, .

Is there a ? Or is it just that the I must be imagined there for other people?

I should probably ask this at some centre, but I am not sure on the line and I have to read before that. Alternatively at , but I have some issue with typing to Reddit.

I guess there are worse places to wonder about this.

And the I returned...

Miaux , long time no , or however you say it.

I `git push`ed two posts today, one in and one in .

The English one is maybe half year late or what has happened during half year, mainly how my process is finished and having instead of the full surgery.

The one is about significant school violence trauma from .

Mi ne scias se .org ŝanĝas io, sed jen demando por klavaro sur al .

Ĉu mia Esperanto estas kompreneble aŭ tiel malbona kiel mi imagas ĝin?

Do you like #Mastodon ?

Probably you would love #Matrix too, it's decentralized like Mastodon but it's a replacement for instant messaging apps (like #Whatsapp #XMPP #Telegram #Wire #Signal etc), chat rooms (like #IRC #Slack etc) and VoIP (like #Skype #Hangouts #Ring etc).

Matrix basically is a protocol, like e-mails, and it's explained at, read the FAQs, are really interesting).

Apps can implement Matrix, the best client is #Riot (, available for Web and mobile.

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- What do and have to do with analysis method?

I have recovered from the but I have entrance to University of Applied Sciences on and no one understands what is even being asked.

I also have no idea how would I train for it as I don't understand the previous examinations from online and having been unable to work/study for year for mental health reasons doesn't help.

Everything is an experience and there is no need to judge it as either good or bad! :)

I am apparently also reading 5 books from library at the same time and there would also be one entrance examination to University Of Applied Sciences on 20th...

After elections there is again time for where (5 at once) increases my suspicion that I am doing too many of them at the same time.

Thus I am only trying , , , (I am having difficulties getting in and SwiftKey doesn't recognise it), (some internal issue to go over) and (as it just somehow feels nicer than (sorry!)).

Another issue is trying to not overdo/burnout with them, but maybe lightly enough I will manage.

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