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Are you an experienced SRE? Do you love onion services?
We're hiring an Onion Services Site Reliability Engineer! This role will be responsible for setting up and managing onion sites for partners and monitoring their availability.
Learn more:

Finally on CalyxOS and tweeting/tooting from 3 Mastodon accounts and 1 Twitter account simultaneously

I'm setting up a self-hosted Mastodon, which will be my new default account: disobey.net/@yawnbox

It’s almost a badge of honor that I was suspended from Twitter by using Tor.

This shit started over a month ago. At first they censored my account until I could validate a phone number that Twitter would not validate because the number is shared across multiple accounts despite SMS authentication being explicitly disabled.

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@tootapp hi, can you please add functionality to toot from multiple Mastodon accounts at once? cheers!

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To the relay operators powering the Tor network:

Relays running Tor versions 0.2.9 and 0.4.0.x will soon be rejected from the network. Please upgrade your relay as soon as possible. community.torproject.org/relay #TorRelays

Participated in the Tor Operators meetup -- there's never enough time to dig into the issues. It's like we need a con all to ourselves!

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Reminder: tomorrow i'm giving a talk about when the dutch secret service came to my door in 2013. Room 11, 14:00. events.ccc.de/congress/2017/wi

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