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don't have time to do #inktober this year but here's one from two years ago when i actually attempted it #skelle #ghost #4ever

Quelqu'un est parvenu à installer #Ghost avec #Yunohost ?

L'activation du service ynh-ghostblog tournait dans le vide. Puis après désinstallation, une nouvelle install' me donne un message d'erreur

Bon l'install de 1.0 est largement plus compliqué qu'avant.
Avant tu pouvais faire ça sur n'importe quel serveur, maintenant c'est un peu plus sélectif.…
C'est un peu chiant ça par contre. :/

I seems to have the same issue as fixed here but for whatever reason, it still prompts the same error even if upgrading with --force...

#Ghost #NodeJS #NPM

I'm trying to install Ghost locally to work on a theme. However, when running ghost install local. it gives me an error of NodeJS version (apparently I have different version on my computer).

1) how can I check that (not -v or which, already tried)
2) does anyone experience the same ?

#Ghost #NodeJS #Help

The #ghost blogging platform now runs on the Debian Stretch branch of !Freedombone. MariaDB seems a bit flakey, and I suspect that this is because I'm testing on a Beaglebone Black which doesn't have very much RAM.

Gave myself a crash course in #docker and #digitalocean today. Nothing but amazed on what I've been missing out on. Spun up a mango DB as well as a #mongo db container. Managed to setup a #ghost droplet to check out the hype. All good things that inevitably help with progress. ✌️

Anyone utilize #ghost for their #blog? Thoughts if any? I'm considering spinning it up in #DigitalOcean.

Dans #Ghost-in-the-shell live, la palme du plus mauvais doublage revient à #JulietteBinoche qui se double elle-même...